Health and safety is first and foremost at Sandra’s Ink. We take all precautionary measures possible in order to ensure that our clients are safe. Sandra and Maria have both participated and trained in Blood Born Pathogens and Sterilization Courses. Courses included OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) , Blood Born Pathogens and Principles of Infection Control, the American Red Cross – Universal Precautions for Tattoo artists and Body Piercers, and CHICA (Community and Hospital Infection Control Association – Canada).

Single Use Sterile Tattoo & Piercing Needles

All needles are single use and sterile.  They are pre-made, packaged and sterilized by the manufacturer.

Sterile Water

At Sandra’s Ink we use sterile water for both rinse cups and wash bottles.

Equipment Bagging

All equipment that may be touched while tattooing and piercing is bagged this barrier provides a safety measure for client and tattoo artist Items that may be covered are tattoo machines, tattoo cords, overhead lights, wash bottles etc. Anything that is not bagged will be sterilized.


Cavicide Disinfectant Wipes & Liquid

These are the same wipes you see at all hospitals and doctors' offices.  We use cavicide wipes and or liquid to clean all work areas between clients.

Autoclave Sterilization

Autoclaving is the only acceptable method of tool sterilization Period. This includes Hospitals Dentists, and Tattoo Shops. All reusable tools such as piercing clamps, tattoo tubes, Nalgene rinse bottles, ect. will be sterilized by a steam autoclave. At Sandra’s Ink we test our autoclave monthly by doing a spore test. All certificates are kept in a binder and can be viewed by our clients

Tattoo Ink

Small bottles of ink are purchased on a regular basis so that the bottles are used up quickly which prevents them from sitting on the shelf for too long leaving them prone to bacterial growth.

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Health & Safety

Appointment Day

Sandra's Ink and Labyrinth Tattoos Appointment information

Still wondering about what to expect? Here are a few extra PDFs regarding your appointment day, pre and post care, and what medications to think about when getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Pre & Post Care

Sandra's Ink and Labyrinth Tattoos pre and post care instructions

Medications to Consider

Sandra's Ink and Labyrinth Tattoos medications to consider
Sandra's Ink and Labyrinth Tattoos Health and Safely

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