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Sandra has been in the tattoo industry for over seventeen years. She is a member of the SPCP, the largest professional organization for the betterment of the cosmetic tattoo industry. She has obtained her CPCP credentials (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional). The CPCP examination was developed to support the growing need for the permanent cosmetic professional. Legislators, clients, physicians, and the media. Others that have an interest in our industry are demanding credentials that are credible and have substance beyond a training certificate.


Sandra’s interest in cosmetic tattooing stems from a comment from a patient she was helping at the “Look Good Feel Better” program. She was showing a senior how to put her make up on that was going through cancer therapy and had lost all her hair. The lady wanted to know how to draw her eyebrows back on, something she had never needed to do prior to her losing her hair. But because she had arthritis and her hands were shaking, she could not manage, and in frustration asked Sandra if some one couldn’t just tattoo the damn things back on. (Her words not ours). That one comment changed Sandra’s career path.


Sandra, a cosmetic manager at London Drugs for nearly 20 years, knew that cosmetic tattooing was something that women would want if it was available to them. She also knew that tattooing on someones face was a very serious undertaking and set out to find the best training possible. Sandra was not satisfied with the 5 to 10 day schools that were being offered in Canada at the time, and opted to take a traditional tattoo apprenticeship with a local artist for two years. To this day she does not regret that decision as she learned more than any school would have taught her about tattooing skin.

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