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Sandra's Ink Permanent Cosmetics Apprenticeship

Sandra's ink and labyrinth tattoos offer a comprehensive program for cosmetic tattooing and body tattooing. We are the only school in Canada with a curriculum of up to 400 hours of training. The training program can be tailored to suit each apprentices individual needs regarding work schedules and travel requirements.  We also offer one on one training days for those who need to brush up on certain aspects of tattooing.


Cosmetic Tattoo Training consists of the following:

-  Theory and practicum reference material including textbooks, training manuals        and dvd's approved by "the society of permanent cosmetic professionals" will            be supplied.

-  Blood-borne pathogens course regarding sterilization and cross contamination.        (Certificate upon completion.)

-  Procedure photos and how to build an impressive portfolio.

-  Certificates upon the completion of the following exams:

      -   Color theory

      -   Set up and tear down of station according to "osha" guidelines.

      -   Eyebrow tattooing, hairstrokes, 3-d, powder fill and dramatic

      -   Eyeliner lash enhancement, natural, dramatic and designer.

      -   Lipliner and lipfill and beauty marks

      -   Areola restoration, scar camouflage and hair simulation

-  Consultation process with your client and learn how to set yourself apart from            the competition.

-  Training with the coil, rotary and digital machines.

-  Needle configurations, what to choose and why.

-  Lists of best suppliers with best prices for all supplies and equipment.

-  Models supplied for hands on training for eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner tattooing          and lip tattooing.

-  Help with business start up, business planning and advertising.

-  Client release and consent forms supplied.

-  List of supplements, medications and naturopathic supplements that may                  impede colour retention. 

-  Secrets of the trade that no one will ever tell you. Sandra has  been trained in            both body tattooing and cosmetic tattooing. she has gained such  a wealth of            information over the past 17 years  from both traditional tattoo artists as well as        the masters of cosmetic tattooing and will share this with you.


Training prices as follow:

-  Brows and eyeliner  $3800.00

-  Lipliner and lipfill $3200.00

-  Scar camouflage, areola restoration

   & hair simulation $3000.00

Permanent Makeup Training School

Course overview of the training program and its content. Please download our curriculum outline available below.

Sandra's Ink Apprenticeship Course Overview

Here is our contract agreement. All successful applicants will be required to sign this agreement stating the goals of the program.

Sandra's Ink Apprenticeship Contract

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